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International mobility


Canon EOS 5D Mark II



Final Cut 7 


There are stories that are written before they start. I decided to be a journalist because there was no other way for me.


At the age of 19 I started at the Communication University and entered the world of journalism in the best possible way, under the wings of journalist Manuel Campo Vidal. In his production company, Lua Multimedia, I was involved in the making of the films “Adolfo Suarez, the Key of the Bunker” and “Felipe Gonzalez, the Modernization of Spain”. This had a big influence on my professional career.


I worked in television production and at the Academy of the Sciences and Arts of Television, which brings together all the channels with the professionals of the Spanish television industry.


I then spent two years with the Broadcast News of Radio Maria, and later in the marketing department of the Business Communication Institute.


Study continued with a Masters in Direction and Production of Documentary Films, in Madrid, where I directed some short films.


I worked as an assistant in the organization of the televised debate between the general election candidates in 2011; my last job in Spain.


I then shifted to Paris where I have lived since September 2011. Here I work as a freelance correspondent for various international media.


2011 Masters in Direction and Production of Documentary Films, TAI School (Madrid, Spain)

2007-2011 Bachelor degree in Journalism at the University Carlos III de Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

2010 Professional production of television and digital video at the 
Complutense Summer        
         Courses (Madrid, Spain)


Spanish : Native

Français :Bilingual

English : Professional 
Arabe: Basic

Professional Experiences

Practical Knowledge

2012-present Paris, France. Correspondent for Noticias Cuatro, El Diario las Américas, Cadena 3,        

                       ExcelsiorTV, NTN24,   RCN,  Noticias Mundo FOX, HispanTV


2013-present Paris, France. Freelance camerawoman for Acca Media, SkyLine Air, Citroën,

                       ExcelsiorTV,  Mexico Travel Channel, Azteca TV,  Bolivia TV


2008-present  Contributor for Radio Imagen, RNE 5, Córdoba Internacional,  

                              Excelsior, Heraldo de Aragón,,  Radio María


2015 Spanish teacher in the Language Campus of Mahdia (Tunisia) 


2015 Documentary film “While the world is sleeping… This is Palestine”; filmmaker,

                                camerawoman and film editor


2015- At present Next International Business School, Coordinator of the International

                             Development Department in Madrid (Spain)


2014  Program Planeta comida, broadcast on Televisión Española,  local producer in Paris (France)


2014  IMCE WorldWide, editor of the Report about Equtorial Guinea in the Gold Book of        
                                          50º Aniversary of the African Development Bank 

2014 Acuerdo, co-editor of report Populonia about the extreme right-wing in France

2011  Organization Assistant for the Presidential Candidates for Spain’s Prime Minister
                               TV Debate 2011 (Espagne)


2011  Filmmaker of short film World citizens
                                                     Searching for heaven
                                                     The Master, in homage to Enrique Meneses
2010  Producer, Contramedia Films Production Company managed by Hernán Zin (Spain)
                   Documentary film War against Women


2010  Press and Marketing Department, Business da Institute (Spain)
2009-2010  Editor and producer at the Academy of the Sciences and Arts of Television (Spain)
2007-2010  Editor, Lua Multimedia Production Company managed by Manuel Campo Vidal (Spain)
                   TV Program Commercials of Your Life, broadcast by TVE 2011
                   Documentary film Adolfo Suárez, the  Key of Bunker 2009
                   TV Program Generation XXI Aragón Edition I- II 2007- 2008
                   Documentary film Felipe González, the Modernization of Spain 2007

Final Cut


Dialy usage of:

       Canon 5D

       JVC Camera

Remote Pilot License (RPAS)

Phantom 4


First Aid International  Certificate by Red Cross 


Diving certification ACUC  Recue Diver 


2010 - present

2010 - present

Participation in conferences

August 2015 Conference about Islamophobia in the Language Campus of Mahdia (Tunisia) 


July 2015  Al-Quds Day, International Day of solidarity with the Palestinian People organised by          

                 Asociación Musulmanes por la Paz


February 2015 Seminar  Islamophobia and the media in the Complutense University, Madrid 


November 2014 Conference  International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in Ateneo, Madrid


July 2013  Screening of short film Citizens of World in the 86th annual  congress of the 

                  World Anationalist Association  (SAT), Madrid



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